Corporate Philosophy

NORD Means North

If we can correctly point to the north, then we can correctly point to the south, east, and west. Like a compass can help us find directions, we want to be a pointer for human society. To our best effort, we will continue to suggest a direction to which human society should proceed. That’s what NORD is aiming for.


“PEOPLE’S THINK TANK,” that’s our general stance. Even in this modern age where we can easily get confused and lost, it is still the “PEOPLE” that we should base ourselves. Citizens, residents, consumers, or producers, the word “PEOPLE” could be interpreted in many different ways. But here we are referring to all the people in the past, present, and future, who have created and will create the history of human beings. They are the key to finding solutions to any problems, the subject of all activities, and the source of all kinds of ideas.

We believe that any goals of firms, national or local governments, or any other organizations are meaningless if they are inconsistent with the needs of “PEOPLE”. For all projects that we undertake, we are going to propose solutions as an agent for “PEOPLE”.

Imagination for Society, Environment, and Future Generations

Basing ourselves on “PEOPLE”, however, does not mean we go along with the masses. In our everyday activities, we keep holding concerns for (1) the weak in society, (2) the environment, and (3) future generations. We believe that solutions to the challenges that our clients face, or the strategies to address them, will be more effective by reflecting each of these concerns.

Using our imagination for society, the environment and future generations, we keep suggesting solutions that are best not only for our clients but also for society. That’s our, PEOPLE’S THINK TANK’s, corporate philosophy.