Our Research – Style

Custom-Made Survey and Research

Our job begins with listening to and clarifying the challenges our clients face, and then together developing research questions to address them. For each of our clients, we develop from scratch a custom-made survey plan, collect and produce a high-quality dataset, and then based on the data analysis we propose the best and most effective plan, not only for our clients but also for society.

Field-Oriented Approach

We take field works very seriously. Our mission can only be accomplished by learning from the field (= social environment) and returning the research results to the field (= social environment). For any research or consulting services, high-quality field work is the key to producing high-quality results.


We select the best survey method and collect high-quality data. Our wide range of research services covers from area surveys, firm/agency surveys, or life-style surveys that require diverse and detailed qualitative information, to national or global public polls and market surveys that require large samples and quantitative information. Also, we are quick to learn and apply new IT technology and statistical or analytical methods. Our panel, NORD Monitor, contributes to collecting and offering high-quality data through internet surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, group interviews, and others.