Recent Experience

Socio-Environmental Policy

  • Survey and research on accountability in public works
  • Case study on stakeholder participation in policy making
  • Survey and research on risk communication assistance using information and communication systems
  • Survey and research on election campaigns, voting methods, and voting patterns
  • Survey on the dissemination of research findings by researchers and engineers
  • Survey on the acceptability of science education assistance programs
  • Follow-up survey of Science Camp participants
  • Case study on environmental technology communication by the auto industry
  • Case study on the privatization of garbage services in other countries
  • Survey on recycling of cans and bottles

Regional Planning

  • Survey for a comprehensive town/village plan (for eight towns and one village)
  • Survey for examination and diagnosis of municipal governance and finance (for six towns)
  • Health and Welfare Plan for the Elderly and Long-Term Care Insurance System (for at least ten towns)
  • Survey for the redevelopment of an abandoned pebble mine in Chiba
  • Case study for a city-hall expansion plan in Kanagawa
  • Consulting on establishing an incorporated foundation in Fukuoka
  • Survey on New-Factory in the Kanto area
  • Survey for a “resort and convention” plan in Shizuoka
  • Survey for a “convention city” plan in Gunma
  • Survey on visitor exhibitions at Clean Center in Chiba


  • PC user survey
  • Retail PC shop survey
  • PC MPU survey
  • Survey on PC operating system
  • Software user survey
  • Survey on software development and distribution
  • Small business PC use survey
  • Survey on system development tools
  • Survey on server applications
  • Survey on system engineers


  • Corporate identity survey (for at least sixteen firms)
  • Corporate culture survey (for at least six firms)
  • Survey on PR environment (for at least five firms)
  • A firm’s PR magazine readership survey
  • Survey on a firm’s public hearing activities
  • Consulting on compliance management
  • Survey on PC PR strategies
  • Survey on corporate risk management
  • Survey on corporate risk communication
  • Corporate reputation survey