Firms are now required to realize growth and contribute to society by effectively engaging in CSR-related activities. For that, they need to build and maintain trustful and cooperative relationships with stakeholders through communication and PR activities. In addition to engaging in these forward-looking activities, they also need to hedge against a variety of business risks.

Focusing on stakeholder communication, NORD assists CSR. From stakeholder surveys, media searches, reputation surveys, general social surveys, and internal workshops, we analyze social environments surrounding our clients and then suggest and help implement visions, strategies, and programs. And by developing communication tools such as CSR reports, we bring out our clients potential and help construct trustful and cooperative relationships with stakeholders.

  • Surveys on CSR environments
  • Surveys on PR environments
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Reputation surveys
  • Assistance on socio-environmental communication
  • CI and VI surveys
  • Surveys on internal communication
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Development of communication tools