A market consists of people who are willing to purchase goods and services. Or simply, it is a collection of people. Thus, understanding people,e.g., their lifestyles and preferences and their views on competitors and competitors products,is the key to marketing.

Upon understanding social environments surrounding our clients and sharing the issues and objectives with our clients, NORD provides reliable and comprehensive research and consulting services, ranging from planning for market surveys, sampling and data collection, data analysis, reporting, and strategy proposals.

We have experience on a wide range of goods and services. And our experience on PCs, PC servers, software, and other ICT products is substantial in particular. And also we could be trusted on other projects such as marketing and branding for eco-friendly products.

  • Surveys on business environments
  • Development of project/product concepts
  • Product evaluation surveys
  • Market surveys
  • Surveys on product targets
  • Surveys on pricing strategies
  • Surveys on distribution channels
  • Brand evaluation and brand building
  • Assistance on environmental marketing
  • Assistance on environmental branding