Regional Planning

As the saying “Think globally, act locally” implies, solving global issues requires local-level engagement. Based on a point of view rooted in “eco-community” and “community management”, NORD assists community development and regeneration by facilitating broader stakeholder participation and engagement.

NORD offers high-quality research and consulting services, and provides support to develop a range of policy plans, including infrastructure management, industrial promotion, education and culture, insurance and welfare, and environment. Our goal is to develop communities that are self-reliant, unique, and sustainable even in times of environmental, demographic, and financial constraints.

NORD could also offer a set of services that are directly linked to community development. We could handle business in Tokyo for local governments, develop a new distribution channel for local products, recruit “Furusato” members, facilitate urban-rural cultural exchanges, assist “U-turn” and “I-turn” job searches, and organize events and seminars.

  • Resident surveys
  • Surveys on community environments
  • Development of community plans
  • Diagnosis of governance and finance
  • Diagnosis of community management
  • Assistance on “community marketing”
  • Assistance on community brand development
  • Assistance on eco-community development
  • Assistance on resident participation and network development
  • PR and accountability assistance