Socio Environmental Policy

As society matures, our policy issues become more diverse, specific, and multi-dimensional. Nowadays, it is even more difficult to define key factors to develop measures and policies. And it is also required to communicate such issues and meet accountability requirements.

NORD, as an independent think tank, addresses and analyzes policy issues from a neutral position. And our neutrality put us in the right position to objectively evaluate their effects. Based on our research, we analyze stakeholder opinions and their trend, and examine the acceptability of policies.

By collecting, cleaning, and providing data, NORD contributes to creating society, where policy issues are shared, understood, and to their best, addressed by all members of society.

  • Surveys for socio-environmental policy planning
  • Surveys on the acceptability of suggested and implemented policies
  • Assistance on risk management
  • Assistance on risk communication
  • Assessments of social environments
  • System development for policy evaluation
  • Assistance on socio-environmental management
  • Assistance on NGO/NPO management
  • Public-opinion surveys